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28 July, 2006

Do You Have Status Anxiety?

I would say to some degree we all do. Status Anxiety is a show I saw on PBS tonight as Jane at BostonGalsOpenWallet recommended it. It was a two-part show hosted by the author of the book, Alain de Botton, documenting how different cultures have come to view their status in life. I have to say it was quite interesting. The first part goes over the American view of status (Alex de Tocqueville's observations which still hold true today) and how we live in a meritocracy where anyone can be anything. This meritocracy is constantly making us consider our status since we strive to be better. The second part looks at various other philosophies of Europeans. It even discusses how death alters our whole outlook on life. This show primarily made me think (again) about what I want to accomplish in life and how much is enough. I recommend the show if you can catch it, althought I would say its not for non-philsophical types.


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