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31 July, 2006

Can Money Buy Happiness?

I know this is an age old topic and do agree that money does not buy happiness BUT I hate when people fail to admit that money does factor into happiness, even if only a little bit. To this point I just read this article by Suze Orman: Count Your Blessings -- And Your Money. I am not really a fan of Suze Orman but I agree with what she says in this article.

30 July, 2006

Im Already A Guest Blogger!

Yes! Please see my first guest blogging post here. Thanks to all the hardwork by Kira of PennyFoolish we have a place where under 30 somethings can post about personal finance topics for your generation. Come check us out at!

28 July, 2006

Do You Have Status Anxiety?

I would say to some degree we all do. Status Anxiety is a show I saw on PBS tonight as Jane at BostonGalsOpenWallet recommended it. It was a two-part show hosted by the author of the book, Alain de Botton, documenting how different cultures have come to view their status in life. I have to say it was quite interesting. The first part goes over the American view of status (Alex de Tocqueville's observations which still hold true today) and how we live in a meritocracy where anyone can be anything. This meritocracy is constantly making us consider our status since we strive to be better. The second part looks at various other philosophies of Europeans. It even discusses how death alters our whole outlook on life. This show primarily made me think (again) about what I want to accomplish in life and how much is enough. I recommend the show if you can catch it, althought I would say its not for non-philsophical types.

27 July, 2006

Networth Statement June 06 (My First)

This will be my first Networth post. When I look back, it will give me an idea of where I was when I started blogging.

Networth Statement June 06
401k $ 30533.19
Roth IRA $ 9080.15
Brokerage $ 12618.35
Checking $ 8440.46
Savings $ 35916.54
CDs $ 5179.39
Total Assets $ 101768.08


Credit Card 1 $ 516.67
Credit Card 2 $ 397.37
Total Liabilities $ 914.04

Networth May 06 $ 95081.59

Networth June 06 $ 100854.04 +6.07%

I will explain a few things about my Savings and CDs. I have Savings accounts at HSBC and ING. A majority of it is at HSBC since they are offering a higher rate (5.05% vs 4.35%). I opened the CD 12 months ago when I thought 4.00% was a good rate. It matures this Aug and I will just move that money over to HSBC.

Overall, this month's performance was a good one with the market rebounding a little after its May downtrend. Lets hope it recovers all its ground and more. I cant believe I broke the six figure mark! A big milestone as I am likely to stay in six figures for a while :-)

24 July, 2006

Open for Business

Hi to all and dont let the title of this first post fool you: I am not trying to sell anything here! yet :-)

About Me
I am going to try and keep this blog a bit anonymous so please accept the intended ambiguity of certain descriptions.

Economics has always been a fascination for me (on the side of course) as I graduated an engineer in 2004 from a top notch engineering school in the Southeast. My first real job started that July and I moved to Cali for it. /*rant... Cali is EXPENSIVE! ...rant*/ Anyway, I started making decent money (compared to $0) as I did not work in college but I did not put Mom and Dad in debt either. I paid my way through a scholarship and graduated with NO debt. With the money I was making I was interested in figuring out the best way to grow it. Frequently reading through online business and personal finance magazines such as Business Week, Motley Fool, CNN Money, Forbes, Money, etc... I discovered a whole new medium - the PF blogging world. I have followed several blogs for a year now and have finally decided to take the plunge in hopes of inspiring readers and helping them learn from my successes/failures. Making a few PF blog buddies would be nice too.

I was going to start this blog at the beginning of this calendar year but decided to put it off until exactly 1yr of discovering the PF blogging world and exactly 2yrs of work. The inspiration for this blog comes from my obsessive interest in Personal Finance/Investing/Financial Management (economics in general) and from the various like minded people whose stories Ive come to admire. I will soon be putting up a blogroll of these people.

Start your Engines!
Buckle up, and get ready for a (hopefully) great blog ride!